Risa Witten

Illustrations and art done early in the morning and when I'm supposed to be learning. Age 15

baby-trash said: risa omg fuck you and your wicked sick art like its fucking so cool kinda like a cross between neckface and Chad VanGaalen (look up molten light by him on youtube) im infinitely jealous tbh

omg thanks so much dude that means so much!! you are super rad too and have a great taste in music and we should totally collaborate in some projects or somethin. 

Frida Kahlo


Anonymous said: your art sucks and you're a pseudo-edgy dipshit teenager.

A lot of my older stuff on my page does suck and I’m embarrassed of it, but I’m not admitting you’re right. I am a talented artist. My tumblr is like a journal for me because it documents my progression in the art world, activist world, and music world. It doesn’t matter the quality of the work, it matters to me that I am learning and growing. 

Shoutout to myself, so go follow my photography account
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